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Bright & Aromatic Coffee

This bright and aromatic coffee comes from the birthplace of coffee itself: Ethiopia. With coffee growing wild in Ethiopia for thousands of years, natural mutations have produced a multitude of different varieties - many of which are as yet undocumented. Most coffees from Ethiopia will be classed as “heirloom” and this representation of a mixture of wild varieties produces a unique cup unlike anything else.

This coffee is from Ato Esmael and his family at the Kayon Mountain coffee farm. The coffee produced on this farm is completely organic and grows underneath a canopy of natural forest, providing protection from extreme weather conditions and allows an extended period of time for the cherries to ripen, resulting in a richer flavour profile and accentuated sweetness. Once the cherries are picked they are hand sorted and are laid out on raised beds and left to dry for 14-28 days. This method allows the sticky layer around the fruit to be easily removed when milled, revealing the beautiful natural processed coffee beans.

The care and finesse in how Ato handles his coffee shines through resulting in an amazing aromatic and intensely fruity cup which proved extremely special for us on the cupping table scoring an outstanding 90 with a sweet, floral and complex profile of blueberry, lavender, apricot jam and papaya.



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